Atacama & RJZ are Released

We are proud to announce that Atacama by Joe Moss and Romeo & Juliet vs. Zombie by Koji Steven Sakai are both out and available for public consumption. Yes, this is the time to read, enjoy, and tell everyone.

It has also been rumored that producers have been hovering around both of these books eagerly talking about movies. So find out all of the goodness and bookish joy that they bring.

Luthando Coeur Thanksgiving Message

When we think of Thanksgiving, what first pops into our heads might be childhood remembrances of family gatherings: parents preparing the meal, sisters setting the table, brothers laughing and talking while they wash the dishes. It’s a warm, glowing sort of feeling, the kind that gets you through the dark, cold days leading up to the golden holiday. That anticipation of putting the first forkful of turkey into your mouth, the sweet, silky smoothness of vanilla pudding between your teeth. The smile on your mother’s face as she surveys her children stuffing their faces. We know what Thanksgiving is about. It’s about being thankful for what you have. Children can quickly recite what they are grateful for on one hand: my house, my family, my dog, my TV, my bed. All these items are objects or people we have that give us pleasure.

But what about the elements of our lives that aren’t tangible? Shouldn’t we give thanks for those, too? The warmth of a smile, the clouds from our mouths in cold weather when we breathe—the kind that used to make us pretend we were dragons. The voice of a sibling reading us a story. Do you remember that one book that made you cry when you finished it because you didn’t want it to end? Do you remember the story that spoke to you in you in a way you couldn’t express to others? The one that you had to tell your friends about, the one you based your own stories on and dreamed about and which generally consumed your life? Do you have a story like that now? We are never too old for that kind of infatuation.

Here at Zharmae we believe in keeping your love relationship with books alive and healthy. This Thanksgiving, discover a new book that will capture your heart and which you can share with others so that the love of reading will never fade. Try these titles out , this holiday season:

  • Shadow of the Mountain by D.A. Stone
  • Breakwater by Lee Hadan
  • The Endangered by S.L. Eaves
  • The Stone by Bryen O’Riley

The Zharmae Publishing Press will be closing our office doors from Wednesday, November 26, through Monday, December 1, to celebrate the Thanksgiving holiday. While our offices are closed and we may not respond to inquiries, please don’t let that stop you from following us on Twitter and Facebook to receive any news and company updates.